Café Royale

In collaboration with Joseph Deane, we were commissioned by the Royal College of Art to design & build a new Student Union café for its Battersea campus. Originally positioned in a poorly functioning out-of-the-way space, we proposed relocating the café to the heart of the sculpture department, providing a much needed social core.

The project is conceived as a warm timber box within a stark concrete and steel shell. Operating within a tight budget, reclaimed materials were used extensively, from the service counter to flooring and furniture. Great care was taken to refine the reclaimed elements to elevate them into objects of almost unexpected delicacy and beauty.

 The playful shutters and festoon lighting help to imbue a sense light heartedness and theatre into the space – befitting of the Sculpture department that surrounds it. 


Client: Royal College of Art
Location: Battersea, London
Completed: October 2012
Architectural Design: Weston Surman & Deane Architecture Ltd.
Lead Contractors: Weston Surman & Deane Architecture Ltd.
Photography: Wai Ming Ng